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Kids Karate Summer Camp: 4 days a week for $50 for the entire summer! Ages 3+ with the best teacher-to-student ratio in Longmont! Register online now to get your spot!

Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing Classes

Great exercise, fun, and self defense techniques combined into one class! This fun class will get your heartrate up and confident.

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View the studio’s schedule and class times so that you are in the know!

Welcome to Origin Martial Arts in Longmont!

Nestled in the shadow of Longs Peak, Origin Martial Arts is Longmont, Colorado’s premier self-defense training studio.  We offer a fun & encouraging, yet technically solid environment for kids of all ages ( from 4 to adult ) to learn focus, confidence, character, and leadership through martial arts self-defense. Our students start out learning Tae Kwon Do and Bo-staff. After achieving their first Black Belt, students can choose from a number of martial arts disciplines for continued study, including Kung Fu, Aikido, Isshin-ryÅ«, and many weapon styles.

Whether you are looking for karate for kidskickboxing, or martial arts in general, Origin Martial Arts is a safe and comfortable place for you!


Summer Camp Karate Registration Now Open!

Come 1 day or 4 days a week all summer for one price of $50! Ages 3-15 are welcome and have the best teacher-to-student ratio in Longmont.

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